Lemony Ginger Cake

This recipe is simple as it is delicious. Published by the CWA, in the aptly titled Country Women’s Association Classics: over 400 favourite recipes, this recipe is by Shirley Tongs from Tasmania. The recipe is apparently a standby cake on farms due to its simple ingredients. I selected it as it included two of my favourite flavours; lemon…

Date and Walnut Traybake by Mary Berry

Despite the inclusion of dates and walnuts, this traybake does not taste anything like a sticky date pudding. While to some that could be considered a disappointment, it has a rich nutty flavour all it’s own which pairs beautifully with a smooth coffee on a chilly winter morning. The dates give a lovely sweetness and…

Summery cupcakes (blueberry muffins with cream cheese icing)

I made these for a friend’s birthday as a celebration of summer. With the biscuit ‘sand’ and the mini umbrellas, these recall long summer days spent at the beach. The blueberry cupcakes and lemon cream cheese icing pair beautifully together to make a delicious summer treat.

Yoghurt Pot Cake

I do not think it would be a suprise for anyone who reads this blog to discover that I love not only cook books in general, but that I also have a love and respect for Nigella Lawson and her books specifically. It would therefore be logical to presume I was excited for the publication…

French Lemon Tart

  My favourite Lemon Tart comes from a recipe published in The Age many, many years ago. If I had to give it an estimate I would say around 2005. It is the most wonderful tart; light and smooth with a lovely lemon taste.

Pho Bo (Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; Asian cuisine is not my strong suit. I find it very difficult to get the balance of flavours just so and, frankly, this is one area where I am more than happy to leave it to the professionals and frequent my local noodle shop for dinner….

Lemon Capri Torte

There is something lovely about baking with lemons in the middle of winter. The aroma not only provides warmth to the kitchen, but the taste provides a little hint of summer and warmer days to come. However, this torte is also extremely comforting with it’s pudding like texture. This recipe was published by Sophie Dahl. It’s summer on a cool winters day….

Marmalade Pudding Cake*

*Or what to do with a jar of marmalade that has no lid. While I like marmalade and I do love Nigella’s Kitchen, I had never been inspired to make this recipe. There still are others that I’m longing to try ahead of this pudding. Our Jams and Preserves Day was a victim of its own success and I…

Jams and Preserves Day

I think there can be little doubt that here at T2K we love preserving; You may have seen our Christmas Chutney or Berry and Rhubarb Jam posts just before Christmas. As Alex happened to be in Melbourne and another good mutual friend loves to preserve too, we decided to get together and do a bulk bottling session…

Lemon Madeleines

I’m Mel and I simply adore madeleines; I’m enchanted by the soft sponge biscuit. The story behind this blog posts actually begins in 2004. I think I’ve mentioned it before, but in addition to owning too many cook books, I also like to borrow them from the library.  There’s is rarely a time  at home when…