Marmalade Pudding Cake*

*Or what to do with a jar of marmalade that has no lid.

While I like marmalade and I do love Nigella’s Kitchen, I had never been inspired to make this recipe. There still are others that I’m longing to try ahead of this pudding. Our Jams and Preserves Day was a victim of its own success and I was left with an open jar of marmalade with no lid. Immediately I knew this recipe would solve the problem. After reading this recipe carefully, I immediately admired its simplicity.

Simplicity/Simple/Easy. I know I repeat these words a lot on T2K. That’s because it forms part of my kitchen philosophy. I love baking. I love cooking. I also don’t mind the cleaning up. What I detest is overly complicated recipes, long list of ingredients I’d only use once, or recipes that, if followed correctly, require you to follow another 5 recipes. Challenging can be good, and I love learning different processes but I don’t like being forced to follow a rigid structure. I think with simple, trusted recipes you have the freedom to explore and find your own way to create a dish you’d love to cook again.

The pudding was more like cake than pudding, really. I think I was hoping for something along the lines of a self-saucing lemon pudding. The flavours are quite subtle, and therefore I’d definitely suggest a good marmalade, as an inferior one will lead to disappointment.

Before clicking, I’d like to advise that this recipe uses a lot of butter. I know you’ll probably read on anyway…

The Ingredients:

* 250g unsalted butter (Save the wrapper and use it to grease your pan!)
* 75g Caster Sugar
* 75g Brown Sugar
* 150g Marmalade
* 225g Plain Flour
* 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
* 1 teaspoon baking powder
* 4 eggs
* zest of an orange (I used a lemon)
* Juice of 1/2 an orange (again I used lemon)

1. Preheat the oven to 180C
2. Place all the ingredients into a food processor and process until a smooth batter forms. That is it. As you can see above it’s a thick mixture.

3. Put into a greased oven-proof dish (I used a pie dish because it’s on the smallish size – however the pudding was too large for this dish, as you can see in a photo below.)

4. Bake the pudding for 40 or so minutes. A cake tester should come out relatively clean.

5. As the pudding is cooling slightly heat the juice of half an orange (lemon) and 75g of Marmalade until they melt together.

6. Spoon the glaze over the top of the pudding. You’re kitchen should be smelling lovely about now.

7. Enjoy!


    1. It was incredibly moist! Her recipes are excellent and rarely disapoint! I think some of the butter, could perhaps be reduced by using whisked egg whites instead!

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