About Alex and Mel

Alex and Mel have been friends for over 15 years, attending high school together in Melbourne. They share a love of British comedies, costume dramas, great books and all things food.

Alex has been moving around the country since 2008, and currently resides in the not-so-quiet regional city of Albury, N.S.W. with her husband, Mr T2K.

Mel remains, sensibly, in Melbourne, enjoying the delights and varieties of the Melbourne food scene, while pushing her baking boundaries ever-further each week.

This blog is their first project together and seemed a natural extension of their mutual food and baking obsession hobby. It is also a way to maintain a close friendship (based largely on food discussions) wherever they may reside.

They hope, one day, to grow this blog into a domination of the food scene in Australia. In the meantime, while sharing all they learn with readers who stop by, domination of their kitchens will do.

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  1. This is EXACTLY (well, not exactly, but damned close) the same recipe that my mother taught me. I loved pancakes as a kid and would consume a tablespoon of butter between each pancake in the three to four-inch stack placed before me at our country cabin in the summer. Though I have not eaten in this manner for years (and I no longer use butter) I remember my days of youth with fondness when it comes to my mother’s cooking. Tomorrow is her 88th birthday. She is still of sound mind, thanks be to God, and I will be making this recipe for breakfast. I will be mindful to let the batter stand for nearly 1/2 hour, and hope to reach a superior result spoken of in this recipe. Be well.

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