Chocolate coconut crunchies a.k.a. Kingston Biscuits

I don’t about you, but in my workplace, whenever a pack of Arnott’s assorted creams get opened, the Kingstons are the first to disappear. For those unfamiliar with these delights, Kingstons are coconut shortbreads sandwiched together with chocolate cream filling. It is this biscuit that inspired me to make the chocolate coconut bundt cake. It […]

Chocolate Cupcake Bites (or Cake Pops in disguise!)

Birthdays are always a special occasion and this one was no exception. We celebrated on ANZAC day but I started these cakes last Saturday. They’re not very difficult, but they are time-consuming and have quite a few steps. The end result are the most spectacular little cake bites; truly indulgent and the perfect celebratory dessert […]