Chocolate Cupcake Bites (or Cake Pops in disguise!)

Birthdays are always a special occasion and this one was no exception. We celebrated on ANZAC day but I started these cakes last Saturday. They’re not very difficult, but they are time-consuming and have quite a few steps.

The end result are the most spectacular little cake bites; truly indulgent and the perfect celebratory dessert for a special occasion.

The idea and recipe comes from Bakerella and it’s an indulgent assembly of cake, cream cheese icing and chocolate. The original recipe is here.
Following the instructions, I first made up a packet mix chocolate cake, allow it to cool and then break it down to crumbs.

As we don’t have tins of pre-made cream cheese frosting in Australia, I made one quantity of this cream cheese icing recipe and mixed it together with the cake crumbs to form a dense mixture.

Form small balls of the cake mix and put in the fridge to chill.

Melt milk or dark chocolate, whatever you prefer, and half-fill chocolate molds or silicone cupcake pans. Careful push a ball of cake mix into each mold.
I used about 2 blocks (400g) of chocolate for 36 balls or thereabouts.

Place in the fridge to set. Be careful when releasing from the molds so that the pattern is not damaged.

Melt about one and a half blocks of white chocolate over the stove. If you wish to colour the chocolate, mix the chocolate colouring powder vigorously into the melted chocolate.

Holding the chocolate base of the cake, dip the top quickly into the white chocolate and replace on the board. Work quickly so the base doesn’t melt.
I used red dye to give a pink tinge to the chocolate and decorated with mini marshmallows.

Replace the cupcake bites into the fridge until they’re set.
Store the bites in the fridge until half an hour before you’re ready to serve them.

These are well worth the effort required and are very-much special treats because of that effort. Make them for your birthday, or someone special at your earliest convenience!

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