Conversations in Vegetables Stock


I am usually quite good at using up vegetables before they spoil. I wish I could be more like Alex, and plan my weekly meals, but I am much more of a reactionary cook based on what ingredients are present and what inspires me. Let me tell you, this is where Stephanie Alexander’s The Cook’s Companion is an absolute gem – being able to search an entire chapter based on one ingredient means it is often the first cook book I turn to.

This week however, between Easter and a few cheat days last week, I was left with a fridge full of vegetables. Not wanting to dispose of anything, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to make stock for the very first time!

As I type I have stock pot simmering away. Quite excited by the prospect of home-made stock, I am now joyfully flicking through cook books and planning on what to cook this week.

Who knows, maybe I’ll actually plan a weekly menu!

Readers, do you regularly make stock? Any tips for a novice?

Here is a stock recipe;  I didn’t follow the ingredients list –  simply using what I had in my fridge.


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