Gingerbread Christmas Tree Ornaments

It just isn’t Christmas in our house without gingerbread. This year I am using Stephanie Alexander’s reliably delicious recipe again to create gingerbread Christmas ornaments for my tree and also as gifts for friends. Although I haven’t decorated them yet, I will do that at a more leisurely pace over this weekend.

To make the ornaments, follow the gingerbread recipe as before, but just before the tray of stars/trees/bells goes into the oven, use a drinking straw to pierce a small hole in the top. Gently twist the straw and remove the little gingerbread plug. Then simply bake as before, until lightly golden and leave to cool.

Remember not to ice these until they are absolutely cold. I usually bake one day and ice the following, to be sure.
I have made gingerbread men, trees and houses using this recipe. Adjust the spices to suit your tastes but otherwise don’t change a thing and they will come out perfectly every time.

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