Chocolate-Banana Bread from Nigella Lawson

20160226_080153This chocolate-banana bread recipe is simply a chocolate version of Nigella’s banana bread; one of the first recipes I ever posted, or baked for that matter.
As promised, I have indeed made it time and time again. Whenever there are ripening bananas in my house, there is bound to be banana bread.
Not that you could ever get sick of banana bread, especially not one this good, but variety is the spice of life so; for those who love both bananas and chocolate equally (like Mr t2k), this is an extra special treat.
The chocolate variation is very simple; replace 25g of flour with 25g of cocoa powder and add in 50-100g of dark chocolate chips. You can keep or omit the sultanas and nuts as you wish (although the rum-soaked sultanas are especially good with the chocolate version).
It is a fantastically balanced pairing of two lovely flavours. If you love banana bread, I would highly recommend trying out this variation at your earliest opportunity.20160226_075917

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