Chocolate coconut crunchies a.k.a. Kingston Biscuits

I don’t about you, but in my workplace, whenever a pack of Arnott’s assorted creams get opened, the Kingstons are the first to disappear. For those unfamiliar with these delights, Kingstons are coconut shortbreads sandwiched together with chocolate cream filling. It is this biscuit that inspired me to make the chocolate coconut bundt cake. It […]

Almond Biscotti

I love these almond Biscotti. Usually wafer thin, they are delicious with coffee or enjoyed as a treat on their own. Unfortunately this is not a family recipe.I don’t think either of my grandparents ever made them. A former colleague used to make these, and I keep forgetting to get the recipe from her. However […]

Anzac Biscuits

Anzac Day is commemorated on April 25 each year. I do realise that it is now the end of May. However this were made at the request of my grandmother. She attends a weekly seniors day each Thursday. One of the planned activities was to make these biscuits. She loved them so much, she asked that I make […]