Lemon Capri Torte

There is something lovely about baking with lemons in the middle of winter. The aroma not only provides warmth to the kitchen, but the taste provides a little hint of summer and warmer days to come. However, this torte is also extremely comforting with it’s pudding like texture. This recipe was published by Sophie Dahl. It’s summer on a cool winters day. […]

Almond Biscotti

I love these almond Biscotti. Usually wafer thin, they are delicious with coffee or enjoyed as a treat on their own. Unfortunately this is not a family recipe.I don’t think either of my grandparents ever made them. A former colleague used to make these, and I keep forgetting to get the recipe from her. However […]

Gateau A L'Orange Et Aux Amandes

Gateau A L’Orange Et Aux Amandes (Orange and Almond Spongecake)

I recently enjoyed four days off work. On Tuesday, after having lunch in the city with Mum, we wandered in one of the department stores. I say wandered, because I practically dragged mum to the Kitchen Appliances. I could never afford a Kitchen Aid; they are expensive and up until recently I was only casually employed. In the […]