Bon Jour

Friday Market Dijon


Bon Jour!

Alex and I have returned from France, our luggage heavier and our stomach’s full. We did return some weeks ago, but it seems once again real life has overtaken the blog!

It is funny how you take some things from granted. Returning from the European sun (when it graced us with its presence) and falling into a miserable winter and hectic work schedule it’s actually been one of those few periods where I haven’t found joy in baking or cooking. I’ve scarcely wanted to admit it to myself without seeming a failure but busy weekends were an excuse. I wasn’t cooking with pleasure, and therefore what I was cooking wasn’t fit to publish.

Never mind, I have returned, and if we have any readers remaining I thank-you for your patience.

Today I bring you simply some photographs from Dijon. Alex and I travelled there at the start of June and enjoyed one of the best meals of the trip there at Le Dome (Escargot and Beef Bourguignon).

Stay Tuned, this week I will post a Lemony Ginger Cake.

Mel x



Escargot, Le Dome Dijon
Beef Bourguignon, Le Dome Dijon
Friday Market, Dijon
Friday Market, Dijon
Friday Market, Dijon
Friday Market, Dijon

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  1. Beautiful photographs. All the food looks so fresh and delicious. Welcome back, looking forward to more entries from you and Alex.

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