Chocolate Sponge

IMG_2511One of the wonderful things about writing a blog about cooking, is people sharing their recipes with you. I love nothing more than collecting recipes people love and want to share. I have a book of recipes which friends, co-workers and acquaintances have passed on. Each proclaiming these recipes are easy and provide flawless results.

It is is with great joy I share this recipe, that Alex’s mother Pauline shared with me. The chocolate sponge really is perfect. It’s light and fluffy. I love the process of  beating the egg whites to stiff peaks and then adding the ingredients to this mixture, rather than folding in the egg whites at the end. I filled the cake with blueberries, and iced it with Joy the Baker’s The Best Chocolate Butter-cream Frosting.

One tip I do wish to share, one I picked up from a cooking class I did years ago, was when measuring and sifting flour, use sheets of baking paper. This method makes it easy to slide the dry mixture into the bowl and also saves you having to dirty extra bowls.

melissa recipe

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