Just a quick update (orange marmalade)


Here are the remainder of those oranges I mentioned the other day in my orange loaf post – transformed into tempting jars of marmalade, using the same recipe that we trialled on our Jams and Preserves Day.
I can vouch that it is a reliably delicious marmalade, with a good balance between bitter tartness and orange sweetness. I would also recommend the use of a mandolin here to finely slice your oranges if you have one; it made the whole process much quicker.
Oh, and one last tip; you may recall that we added two whole packets of Jam Setta into our batch of marmalade but I have found that reducing the liquid levels by 50% (i.e. 4 cups instead of 6), much less Jam Setta is needed and a nice setting texture is more easily reached.

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