Apple Crumble French Toast at Cafe Conti

I don’t get out for breakfast very often but, when I do, I love to try something new or something I wouldn’t make for myself at home. As most cafes have a standard breakfast menu, poached eggs on toast with mushrooms is my standard selection.

Since moving to the north side of Brisbane earlier this year, I have discovered Cafe Conti and their amazing Apple Crumble French Toast. Certainly a combination I would not have thought of but one that works extremely well.

The French toast is one large piece, topped with a serve of apple crumble and finished with macadamia mascarpone cream and drowned drizzled in cinnamon maple syrup. It is absolutely heaven on a plate. I have had it twice now and I know I’ll be back. I did think briefly about making it for myself at home but it is dangerously addictive and outrageously sweet; definitely something best enjoyed as an occasional treat.

For those who prefer their breakfast more savoury, the dill and parsley scrambled eggs are delicious but the Tuscan spiced potatoes they are served with almost outshines the star on this plate. Combined with the tomato chutney, I could breakfast on those potatoes alone (if only Mr t2k didn’t guard his plate so zealously!).

If you live anywhere in Brisbane and want to try the best French toast around, I highly recommend popping into Cafe Conti. Oh and they also do lunch and dinner too.

Cafe Conti on Urbanspoon

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