Spring Hill Deli – Review

One Friday at work, sick of the usual rotation of local pubs for our choice of lunch, one of my colleagues suggested this cafe. As I had stopped going to Friday lunch 6 months ago (all three pubs near our workplace are average), I was excited at the prospect of trying a new cafe in the area. Although we did have to ring and ask for the menu to be emailed to us, I suspect it is not available online because it changes regularly, depending on what fresh produce is available. There was something for everyone on the menu, so we reserved a table and walked over.
I was glad we had booked a table because it was packed, always a good sign for any cafe. The decor is very trendy (some may say ‘hipster’), with lots of recycled/reclaimed furniture & tableware.
More importantly; I was so glad that the food was fantastic! Such a relief from all the very average lunch options in Spring Hill.
I ordered the eggplant fritters and they were beautiful. Soft inside, with no bitterness that comes of under-ripe or under-cooked eggplant, these were topped with creamy feta and tangy relish, making a delicious flavour combination, all sitting on baby spinach and sourdough bread ($16 – photo above). I actually asked them to keep them on the menu so I will see if they are still making them when I go back for lunch.

My colleagues around me ordered;
“Today’s totally house-made pizza – chorizo, roast capsicum, Spanish onion & mozzarella (topped with rocket) $15”

“Classic Ruben Sandwich – corned beef, cheese, sauerkraut & Russian dressing on sourdough $16”

and “Deconstructed Taco – pinto bean chilli, sour cream, guacamole & corn chips $16” (which were vegetarian and had quite a bit of spice to them!).

Everyone loved their food and left clean plates. You’ll find no name brands here and mostly locally made goods (including soft drinks, juices, jars of relish, pickles, olives, oils, jams and salts). This cafe is so good; it would stand its ground in the Melbourne cafe scene, which is the highest form of praise I can imagine for a Brisbane cafe!
If you live or work anywhere near this cafe, I highly recommend you pay them a visit and see just how good cafe food can be when it’s all made fresh, on site!

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