Cheese Twists

Let's Twist and Shout!

When I was younger, mum would take me into the city. She would stop at the ground level of the Lonsdale St Myer store and treat me to a cheese twist. They were delicious puff pastry treats. Myer has since refurbished but the memory of those days remains. Seeing something similar at Safeway the other day, I decided to try and replicate the memory in my own kitchen.

There is no recipe as such, though I’m sure they exist on the internet. I created from instinct.

The ingredients I used were: melted butter, fresh parmesan, one lightly beaten egg and frozen puff pastry (because making puff pastry scares me, possibly more than spiders).

I brushed the puff pastry sheet with butter and then topped with a handful of parmesan chesse. There is no specific measurement. I used my eye. After I took this photo, I ended up added more to the edges. I topped with some salt and freshly ground pepper.

I then folded the puff pastry in half and brushed with the egg yolk and topped with more parmesan cheese. I then cut the puff pastry in 1-1.5 cm strips. Even cutting was never my strong suit.

You then grab one end with each and and pull and twist. Place them on a tray and cook for about 8 minutes in a moderately hot oven. They can be eaten straight away, but they also keep well for a day in an airtight container. Be careful not to under-cook the pastry; take them out when they are nice golden brown colour!

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