Carrot Cake

If I am ever asked for a carrot cake recipe, I just have to share this recipe. This recipe was first published by Readers Digest. I’ve recently started ordering fruit and vegetables from a supplier that delivers directly to my door. Each week, I receive a box of carrots. Having two bags of carrots in my fridge, […]

Osso Bucco

This is a recipe I grew up eating; that scented my childhood home through winter weekends and one that was always enjoyed with relish. As the days grew cold earlier this month, I rang Mum for a chat and asked her for this recipe. What she told me wasn’t a recipe in the traditional sense […]

Venetian Carrot Cake

I’m back (Mel that is!). The last two months, I haven’t been as active as I would have liked. My mother has been ill, and is due for surgery on Tuesday. Combined with my jobs major events taking place in January I’ve been barely functioning. Unfortunately all my creative outlets have suffered. On a day off, I […]