I don’t know about you, but one of the things I love to do on a weekend is cook breakfast for the household. For the most part I tend to rise quite early (or at least early for a weekend) and make breakfast. One of my new favourite treats to make are crumpets. Almost deliciously…


Looking for the perfect breakfast or snack? This granola is the answer. Simple and delicious.

Farmers Market Breakfast and Gingerbread Hotcakes at Miss Marmalade

I live in an innercity area of Melbourne. I love the proximity to work, the relaxed culture. In the last 15-20 years it has changed from a largely working class area and  has since been embraced by young professionals and students. With the changing demographic, cafes have appeared and I am spoilt for choice. On Sunday morning I was…

Very English Muffins by Mary Berry

English Muffins are a real treat in our house. We don’t buy them very often but they disappear fast when we do! Leafing through my latest cookbook;  Mary Berry’s Baking Bible, I came across a recipe to make them and as I had everything I needed in the pantry, thought I’d give it a shot….